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Cognia Launches the Cognia Learning Community

Cognia, the global school improvement organization that helps grow learners, educators, and leaders, has launched a new professional learning experience for educators: the Cognia Learning Community. The Cognia Learning Community connects educators around the world; they can choose from a library of high-quality professional learning content and collaborate to test and reflect on new approaches, solve problems, celebrate successes, and accelerate improvement.

The Cognia Learning Community offers an online platform—with resources available 24/7—that provides a complete professional learning ecosystem. Teachers and leaders can study and learn from one another as well as on their own in asynchronous or synchronous environments using relevant, high-quality content geared to improving all aspects of professional practice. New content will be added frequently, expanding choice and depth. The Cognia Learning Community was designed to overcome limitations of conventional professional learning with important features to promote engagement and effectiveness.

For institutions that are members of the Cognia Global Network, the platform enables districts and schools to tailor content for their staff. The platform offers easy monitoring of professional learning progress, sparks professional engagement in a global community of educators, and strengthens teacher and leader practice.

Unlike typical “sit-and-get” professional development offerings, in which educators passively listen to experts without guidance to apply new approaches to their own teaching practice, educators can now take charge of their own learning by choosing areas of study and determining their own pace and direction. Content is organized into Learning Labs, which organize rich subject matter into discrete phases proven to be effective for adult learners. Learning Labs focus on key areas of teaching and leadership practice including effective questioning techniques, promoting growth mindsets, providing transformational leadership, or understanding the learning environment to promote student engagement. Each Learning Lab features a “spark” video to kick off discussion topics and opportunities to deepen learning through conversations with peers. As educators and leaders explore, reflect, and experiment, they activate their own learning.

“As experts in improvement, Cognia’s mission is to help grow learners, teachers, and leaders so that everyone in the education ecosystem benefits especially our learners,” Elgart said. “Today, we are delivering on our promise to bring together educators to build connection and enhance adult learning. We help educators learn in the way they do best as well as help school districts and their institutions save financial resources that can be redirected to meet other needs.”

Source: Businesswire