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English Learning App RedKiwi Launches in Taiwan, Speeding Up Its Expansion in Global Market

RedKiwi, an English learning app developed by HayanMind of Korea, has been officially launched in Taiwan this April. RedKiwi has shown tremendous and noticeable performance in Japan and Korea with more than 1.5 million downloads recorded so far.

Since its first step into the overseas market in 2018, RedKiwi has been highly appreciated as an English learning application, ranked as the No.1 app in the English listening field in various Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and others. This launch will be another beginning in their journey to provide their service to many other countries.

“The purpose of studying English among young generations is pretty similar in countries like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, which is to prepare for the TOEIC test or job hunting, etc. I think that RedKiwi’s English content will be successful in Taiwan as well, satisfying users’ demand as it did in Korea and Japan,” said an official of RedKiwi.

Source: Businesswire