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Unleashed Brands Announces Acquisition of Class 101

Unleashed Brands, the world’s first Youth Enrichment Platform that provides a safe, fun and enriching environment to help kids learn, play and grow, announced it has made a strategic investment in the acquisition of Class 101, the nation’s largest college planning service. 

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Class 101’s mission is to empower students, serve families and inspire greatness by providing a comprehensive roadmap for students as they prepare for higher education. The brand helps navigate the complex, multi-year process by working one-on-one with students as early as their freshman year of high school, acting as day-to-day mentors, coaches, teachers, counselors and advisors. In 1997, Tom Pabin founded Class 101 in the United States, making it the largest college application planning and coaching service in the country. Since its inception, Class 101 has helped its students earn a cumulative $638,000,000 in college scholarships and expect to exceed $1,000,000,000 later in 2022.

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“The acquisition of Class 101 is the first, strategic acquisition Unleashed Brands is making into the teen market, further expanding our reach into the education segment. The addition of Class 101 aligns perfectly with Unleashed Brands’ goal to provide top-notch opportunities to help kids learn, play and grow from birth until they exit the home and go to college or the working world,” said Michael Browning, Founder and CEO of Unleashed Brands.

“Unleashed Brands’ mission and goals for growth align perfectly with what we’re looking to achieve for Class 101 and based on its past success in growing complementary portfolio brands, I’m confident we’ll be able to do the same, reaching even more students and allowing them to achieve their goals for a brighter future,” said Pabin, founder and president of Class 101. 

Source: Businesswire