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Enrollment-Focused Analytics Platform Launched by SchoolMint

SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management solutions for K-12 education, announced its launch of SchoolMint Insights, a revolutionary enrollment-centric analytics platform that enables districts and schools to understand and visualize their success attracting, enrolling, and retaining students. By combining data from multiple sources, Insights unlocks hidden trends and patterns that districts can use to positively impact student enrollment.

SchoolMint Insights leverages data generated throughout the entire enrollment process to help districts answer critical questions such as: What are parents looking for? Are we offering the right programs and services in the right neighborhoods? Are schools that are oversubscribed handling their application process in a fair and equitable manner?

“As the leader in preK-12 strategic enrollment management, we work closely with our customers to understand their enrollment challenges,” said SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald. “SchoolMint Insights was created to bring actionable data to the strategic enrollment management process. District leaders deserve a tool that can give them concrete options for how to drive enrollment gains across their district.”

“Built on top of a state-of-the-art data lakehouse architecture, SchoolMint Insights brings together data from multiple sources into a highly scalable platform,” says Charlie Coglianese, SchoolMint’s Chief Data Innovation Officer. “The real power of the platform lies in the connections we can make by combining SchoolMint’s enrollment and search data with data from the SIS, Google Analytics, or other third-party datasets. We know what to look for so we can provide schools with powerful suggestions to drive enrollment.”

In the past 10 years, the competition for students has increased dramatically. With the expansion of school choice and the recent pandemic, parents and guardians are putting more emphasis on schooling options than ever before. SchoolMint Insights offers leaders the ability to understand what parents want and to take intelligent action to increase student enrollment.

“Even well-resourced districts don’t always have the expertise or bandwidth to analyze precise location-based search data to inform program offerings or to effectively A/B test marketing campaigns,” adds MacDonald. “SchoolMint Insights presents leaders with powerful vision across the full scope of attracting, enrolling, and retaining students, providing schools with an incredible return on investment.”

Source: Businesswire