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For The Win Robotics Announces Appointment of STEM Veteran Jennifer Nicholls to Chief Program Officer

Also unveils Hopper, the most Advanced Drone Technology for Education

As announced by press release, For The Win Robotics (FTW), a leader in drone-based STEM and computer science programming for education, announced the appointment of STEM industry veteran Jennifer Nicholls as Chief Program Officer (CPO). The company also unveiled Hopper, its newest drone, designed for hands-on learning and revolutionizing STEM education by providing the tools to make coding, robotics, and engineering fun and accessible for students.

Dr. Nicholls joined FTW as CPO in May 2023, bringing 20 years of naval service, multiple engineering degrees, and proven experience developing successful end-to-end STEM-based education programs that equip all students with the tools and confidence to thrive. As a middle school teacher and in multiple leadership roles at Mathnasium, Jennifer was committed to dismantling the perceived complexity of STEM, engaging students in hands-on activities and fostering critical thinking exercises.

“Through the appointment of Jennifer Nicholls and the launch of Hopper, FTW is fortifying our team and our resolute commitment to delivering cutting-edge, collaborative technology, aiming to inspire a life-long interest in STEM and computer science, and instilling the curiosity to pursue a career in the field for learners of all ages and backgrounds,” said Daniel Mehay, COO and cofounder of FTW.

Developed by a team of aerospace, education and technology experts, Hopper represents the evolution of FTW’s Build | Fly | Code program, which empowers students to discover how to build, fly and code from the ground up by introducing them to flight theory, mechanical design and the basics of coding with the latest drone and sensor technology.

Hopper’s robust, reusable hardware and software is built around a closed, secure system. The drone, powered by a dual-core processor for communication and flight control, features a lens for advanced computer vision technology, including infrared and color capabilities, allowing for Wi-Fi-driven, real-time data and image information transmission. Validated through 889 Compliance, Hopper empowers educators to expand future-additional and hands-on STEM learning to all learners, including underserved communities and students of all abilities.

“I’m thrilled to join the FTW team,” noted Dr. Nicholls. “Up to this point, I’ve built my career around dispelling the notion that STEM and computer science are too difficult. I’ve seen firsthand that students can and will excel in this field if equipped with the right tools and given a chance. I have also seen and experienced how quickly doors open for children if they have skills in these areas. Working at For The Win, I am continuing my passion while leveraging Hopper and the most advanced technology.”

FTW has also focused efforts on rapidly expanding its quality programming across the country, building each iteration of technology on feedback from educators to understand how to benefit each curriculum and classroom best. Through a recent partnership with STEM Learning Ecosystems, FTW is increasing its potential footprint to more than 42 million students, building on its previous milestone of a presence in 1,000 schools nationwide.

“We will remain relentless in our pursuit to bring quality STEM and computer science education to all students,” Rob Harvey, Executive Chairman says. “Our commitment to excellence drives us to refine our offerings through continuous feedback and collaboration with like-minded partners to push the boundaries of what STEM education can achieve, encouraging students to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.”

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About Build | Fly | Code
Through the power of experiential STEM and computer science education, FTW Robotics’ Build | Fly | Code program offers educators new professional development opportunities while making drone technology fun and accessible for all learners. Tailored to both in-person and virtual learning, the program helps to close equity gaps in STEM and computer science education, specifically for students with disabilities and other historically underrepresented populations, such as students of color and female students. Hands-on lessons incorporating both drone hardware and software enable FTW Robotics to make the principles of flight theory, mechanical design and coding approachable for students of every age.

About For the Win Robotics
For The Win Robotics focuses on fostering critical thinking and lifelong curiosity through the power of experiential STEM and computer science education, reaching more than 1,000 schools across the United States. With its Build | Fly | Code program, the company has developed an innovative education system offering educators new professional development opportunities while making STEM and computer science education fun for learners. By promoting collaboration, critical thinking and curiosity, FTW is building essential skills today’s students need to become the workforce of the future. For more information on For the Win Robotics click here.

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