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InnovateK12 Names Ann Majchrzak as Chief Innovation Officer

InnovateK12 announce the appointment of crowd-based engagement expert Ann Majchrzak as Chief Innovation Officer. Dr. Majchrzak, a global leader and researcher in the field of crowd-based innovation, is an important addition to the InnovateK12 leadership team, illustrating the company’s commitment to the K-12 segment as well as its dedication to helping school districts improve, transform, and innovate stakeholder engagement.

“InnovateK12 is thrilled to formalize what has been an amazing and long-standing partnership, really a mentorship with Ann,” said Evan St. Lifer, CEO of InnovateK12. “We are extraordinarily grateful to expand the opportunity to leverage her ground-breaking research and best practices to help transform school district relationships with their communities in order to become the best version of themselves.

A social psychologist and long-time faculty member (recently retired) at The University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Dr. Majchrzak is a prolific researcher and publisher in the field of Digital Innovation—also known as Open Innovation—having spent decades researching how to best optimize the way people engage in online environments. She has been working with InnovateK12 for the last 18 months, helping to ensure that the company’s online practices are evidence-based, having been rigorously tested in previous field research with a number of organizations involved in the same type of stakeholder engagement transformations that occur among school districts in the K-12 space. Further, Majchrzak’s research has given rise to an established method for determining whether a community or organization is effectively collaborating to produce the type of innovative and creative thinking necessary to generate novel, as well as more feasible ideas, dynamic solutions, and better outcomes. Her method is described in her book, Unleashing the Crowd: Collaborative Solutions for Wicked Business and Societal Problems, available on Amazon.

In her role as Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Majchrzak will help InnovateK12 ensure that its tools and practices represent the latest in scientific research.

Source: PR Web