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Keep Kids Engaged and Learning this Summer with Free Reading and Math Resources

MetaMetrics, an educational measurement and research organization, has developed free and easy-to-use tools to encourage and support summer learning.

As the school year comes to an end, many families are already thinking about what activities and resources will keep their children engaged and learning throughout the summer. The good news is there are great free resources available just a few clicks away.

MetaMetrics, an educational measurement and research organization, has developed free and easy-to-use tools to encourage and support summer learning. Families can use these tools to help their children find reading materials and math activities that match their current level of content knowledge and skills. And after an unusually disruptive school year, these tools can help students make the most of summer months to keep up with their learning. In fact, some research has shown that giving students access to books over the summer can be even more effective than summer school at boosting reading achievement levels. But in order to make the most of summer learning time, it is critical to ensure students are reading books at their level and doing math concepts at their level.

“Students staying engaged in reading and math over the summer is incredibly beneficial to both their short-term and long-term learning development,” said Malbert Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of MetaMetrics, which is based in Durham, NC. “We are proud to be able to take the mystery out of what will help students thrive while they are out of school.”

Families can use MetaMetrics’ Lexile® Find a Book to help their child pick out books that are both at the appropriate reading level and focused on topics that they enjoy. Find a Book organizes books by reading ability level, personal interests, and by genres, such as graphic novels or books for beginning readers. The Find a Book tool includes books for Spanish-language readers.

Parents can search both by grade level as well as by Lexile score. A Lexile score describes a student’s current reading ability, on a scale ranging from a beginning level of 190L in first grade, to the most advanced level of 1385L by the end of high school. Student’s Lexile reading measures are often included in year-end assessment reports as well as from other classroom tests.

Quantile® Summer Math Challenge is a free, six-week program for students to practice math skills taught during the school year. Students receive access to daily fun activities and resources designed for each child’s grade and ability level and a variety of learning activities such as math games, instructional videos, and worksheets to provide support as they practice concepts such as X or Y.

“After a challenging past year, we are thrilled to be able to provide these free resources to parents and families, so they can help set their children up for success in the year ahead,” Smith said.

Source: PR Web