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McGraw Hill and Maarif Education Partner to Accelerate Hybrid Learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

McGraw Hill and Maarif Education have entered an agreement that makes McGraw Hill the exclusive learning partner for Maarif Education across all 10 of its campuses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The partnership provides Maarif Education access to McGraw Hill’s proprietary content in both print and digital formats, as well as to resources from third-party publishers through a single provider. Through the partnership signed in May last year, Maarif Education has already rolled out McGraw Hill’s core and supplemental math, science, and literacy programs across its campuses from grades pre-K through 12. These include Inspire Science, Reveal Math, and Wonders, as well as intervention programs to provide students with a personalized learning path and help bring students up to grade level. The programs will be accompanied by McGraw Hill’s state-of-the-art digital learning platforms including ConnectEd, Open Learning Platform (OLP) and ALEKS.

The partnership is one-of-a-kind for Saudi Arabia in that it’s rare for a K-12 education group of Maarif Education’s size to entrust a single learning partner for all its educational needs. The landmark collaboration underscores the commitment of both organizations to advance K-12 education in the Kingdom and align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 of developing a highly skilled population.

To ensure successful implementation of these programs, the schools have a dedicated support team from McGraw Hill on which they can rely for curriculum delivery, academic and technical training, Learning Management System “LMS” integration, and professional development, along with a wide range of on-demand resources. In addition to providing on-going teacher-training, McGraw Hill organized two weeks of professional development that covered best practices in teaching and learning to upskill teaching staff across all campuses.

Lefteris Souris, SVP and Managing Director for K-12/School with McGraw Hill’s International group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Maarif Education to transform education in Saudi Arabia. McGraw Hill is dedicated to enhancing learning outcomes for learners at all stages, and we see this partnership as a significant step toward achieving that goal. Together, we will provide the best K-12 education in the Kingdom, equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the digital age.” Ihab Ibrahim Osman, CEO of Maarif Education, remarked, “At Maarif Education, we believe that digital learning goes hand-in-hand with print-based learning methods and is imperative for the future success of our students. Our goals are ambitious, and we see ourselves leading the way in transforming primary and secondary education in Saudi Arabia. McGraw Hill is a global leader in education that understands our vision and can create bespoke solutions for us quickly and at scale. I am confident that with their support, we will be able to accelerate the achievement of our vision.” Chetan Sehgal, Managing Director of Panworld Education, a key delivery partner for McGraw Hill in the Middle East commented, “This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate positive change at the school level across the Kingdom and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with both organizations.”

Source: PR Newswire