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PlayVS and Stiegler EdTech Announce Partnership, Revolutionizing Education and Career Readiness Through Esports

PlayVS the leading esports platform for varsity high school leagues in North America, and Stiegler EdTech (SET), a mission-driven organization that provides training, upskilling, and career advancement, have announced a transformative partnership that will propel their shared mission to improve the educational outcomes of students by using esports as a bridge towards STEM and digital upskilling. Recent studies have underscored the positive impact of esports on student development. Engaging in competitive gaming not only enhances critical thinking and strategic skills but also fosters social-emotional development through teamwork and communication—qualities essential for success in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Stiegler EdTech will become the official PlayVS STEM, training, and workforce development partner, working initially to extend digital upskilling tools through esports to students in need across over 700 high schools spanning 100 counties in North Carolina. Together, they will substantially grow access to esports, forging crucial connections with colleges and corporations to bridge the gap between education and post-high school career opportunities statewide. While groundbreaking in terms of impact, VESL is straightforward in its priorities–better preparing the future workforce by providing engaging educational platforms centered around community and job-ready skills aligned with employer needs.

The move follows a recently announced partnership with North Carolina to expand Stiegler EdTech’s flagship program–the Varsity Esports and STEM League (VESL)–across the entire state. As a result, North Carolina has become a nationwide leader in preparing the next generation of students for jobs of the future through this innovative public-private partnership. In the year ahead, PlayVS and SET will work to onboard hundreds of schools to engage in competitive high school esports across four initial gaming titles, like Rocket League and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and identify opportunities to later implement the model nationwide.

VESL aims to teach valuable coding and technology skills to meet the talent needs of tech employers in North Carolina. All North Carolina high school students are eligible to participate in VESL for free, where they will be given the opportunity to learn critical STEM skills while engaging in esports and STEM competitions through their schools.

“We’re thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Stiegler EdTech,” says Jon Chapman, CEO of PlayVS. “Esports has shown its power in enhancing student engagement, attendance, and overall mental wellness. Through the integration of our esports expertise with SET’s dedication to educational excellence, we can empower thousands of North Carolina students, fostering success not only in gaming but also in classrooms and future workplaces. Beyond this initial partnership, the model holds incredible potential for replication across other states–we’re very excited for what’s ahead.”

“Joining forces with PlayVS brings the gold standard varsity esports platform together with the cutting edge of innovation in STEM education and workforce development,” says Tariq Bokhari, Chairman of Stiegler EdTech. “What we are doing today in North Carolina, and soon after nation-wide, is setting a new standard for meeting kids where they are via gaming and creating a bridge that changes lives and upward mobility trajectories through a first-of-its-kind competitive varsity approach to STEM learning, while also generating the workforce talent desperately needed at scale, and tailor-matched to the unique employer needs of each region.”

Source: PR Newswire