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MindPlay Education Acquires LightSail Education

 For over 40 years, MindPlay Education has been providing learning experiences to educators and families and continues to pave the way.

We are most excited to announce the acquisition of LightSail Education, a leading K-12 digital literacy platform. The acquisition of LightSail greatly contributes to MindPlay’s mission to unlock student success for students across the Nation. The addition of LightSail Education will provide educators a distinct advantage when it comes to digital library tools as it creates an engaging literacy space for all students to enhance their reading and learning journey.

“Adding LightSail to MindPlay’s decades of developing education software and making learning accessible to everyone, make so much sense. LightSail is an innovative and effective learning platform that helps students learn from the content they love, with the social features today’s students expect. Its instructional and administrative tools deliver on districts’ needs for ease-of-use, versatility, pedagogical rigor, and value without sacrificing students’ need for an engaging, content-rich, and diverse literacy experience.” –  Jeff Pendleton, MindPlay CEO

“We are excited to join the MindPlay team and their mission of unlocking student success. LightSail has been helping learners develop reading confidence regardless of their starting point for years. Our breadth of content delivered across multiple learning modalities will be a powerful combination with MindPlay’s instructional expertise” – Steven Gittleson, LightSail Co-Founder and CEO

Source: EIN Newswires