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Talent Sandbox Launches New Online Talent Acquisition Training Platform

Talent Sandbox company logo

According to a press releaseTalent Sandbox has launched its online training platform for recruitment and talent acquisition professionals. Combining blended learning, real-world experiences, and intuitive technology, Talent Sandbox was built in response to the continued corporation cries for better and is a complete training solution representing a new standard within talent acquisition.

Founder of Talent Sandbox, Neil Kelly said: “I have always believed that knowledge and learning is vital to the success of an employee. But the complexity of training a TA function to operate consistently and efficiently is not easy. Our goal is to empower TA teams to reach their full potential by providing expert insights, built by TA practitioners, alongside the tools and resources necessary to help TA functions achieve their goals.”

One of the biggest barriers CEOs face is upskilling employees. Talent Sandbox removes the common obstacles that outdated learning methods create by replacing time-consuming, expensive courses with flexible, expert led micro-learning on an intuitive learning platform. This results in an increased retention rate of up to 80%, compared with traditional training methods.

“We understand the challenges that organizations face, and the pressure that TA professionals are under. Doing more with less, is important to Talent Sandbox” Neil Kelly said. “Our platform makes it easy and affordable to access our training anytime, anywhere, in a format that fits around busy lives.”

The Talent Sandbox flagship training course, ‘foundations of a recruiter’ is ideal for someone new to the recruitment profession, transitioning from a support role into TA, or as part of your onboarding to create a consistent standard, and covers the essential building blocks to be a best-in-class talent acquisition professional.

With a team of experts available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the learning process, your team will be part of a community that’s connected to the core purpose of Talent Sandbox; leaving recruitment in a better state than it is now.

“Together, let’s be the change within our industry to build a better future, today.”

Talent Sandbox is now live and available to TA professionals everywhere. To learn more and sign up for a course, visit