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One piece at a time: Turnitin develops interactive AI writing puzzle

Edtech company’s new puzzle gives educators resources to navigate every aspect of AI writing – not just detection  

48 percent of students have tried using AI-generated tools, whereas 71 percent of instructors and administrators have never used these tools, and 32 percent reported that they are not even aware of these tools, according to a recent study. Considering this, it’s easy to see why many focus their energy on identifying AI writing in student submissions. 

However, by viewing AI writing in education through the lens of just one puzzle piece – identifying AI writing in students’ submissions – institutions and educators are missing the full picture. To help, Turnitin launched an interactive AI writing resource that highlights the many pieces that make up this broader, complex, and ever-evolving puzzle, including updating academic policy, improving AI literacy, adopting new grading mindsets and talking to students about ethical use. Organized by audience – educators, administrators and institutions – users can click on puzzle pieces to access Turnitin’s expert blog posts, resources, third-party studies and workbooks. 

For more information, visit Turnitin’s AI writing landing page. ​ ​

9/21 webinar by Patti West-Smith: How to integrate AI writing into your institutional policy and instruction

Find the interactive PDF infographic here:

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