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Watermark Advances Higher-Ed Solutions by Integrating AI

Watermark, a leading provider of software solutions for higher education, proudly unveils its product-wide efforts to integrate generative AI into its comprehensive suite of higher education tools. These timely innovations can redefine how institutions operate, promising enhanced personalization in learning experiences, streamlined operations, and fortified recruitment and enrollment strategies.

Highlighting Watermark’s AI Innovations:

  • Outcomes Generation Using AI: This feature can be a powerful tool for institutions who wish to revise or reimagine academic and administrative outcomes. Instead of starting from scratch, clients can now generate a foundational set of learning or success outcomes, refining them to align with specific institutional goals. This saves time and ensures a higher standard of academic and administrative outcomes tailored to individual institutional needs.
  • CV Imports – Auto-parsed by AI: Faculty members often find themselves bogged down with administrative tasks, detracting from their primary roles in research, teaching, and service. By automating the parsing of faculty publication selections, this feature promises to give back invaluable time to faculty, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

The higher education sector is at a pivotal juncture. With challenges such as rising costs and fluctuating student enrollments, institutions need solutions that can offer both efficiency and effectiveness. A recent Educause QuickPoll indicates that Generative AI is emerging as a beacon of hope, with 67% of respondents expressing optimism about its transformative potential. “The integration of AI into our solutions is more than just technological advancement; it’s about reshaping the future of higher education,” said Erin Shy, CEO of Watermark. “Our latest AI tools are designed to empower institutions, offering them insights, automation, and efficiencies. Our commitment to our partner institutions is to equip them with the best tools that lead to enriched student experiences and outcomes.”

The value of AI in higher education is multifaceted. Beyond operational efficiencies, it offers deeper insights into student behaviors, preferences, and needs. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can help institutions tailor their offerings, ensuring students receive the best education tailored to their needs. Watermark’s commitment to responsible AI ensures that all solutions are ethically developed and deployed, with a keen focus on human judgment, privacy, fairness, and transparency.

“Our experimentation with these proprietary AI technologies sets a new gold standard in higher education,” said Darren Bauer Kahan, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Watermark. “By weaving AI into our solutions, we’re not merely introducing features but pioneering a transformative shift in how institutions function. We are focused on seamlessly integrating these innovative tools into our product suite.”

Source: Businesswire