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Quottly Joins Parchment

Parchment, the industry leader in academic credentials management, announced the acquisition of Quottly, the leading technology solution for course and program sharing, transfer articulation, and dual enrollment. This acquisition adds a new dimension to Parchment’s mission to turn credentials into opportunities by helping higher education give students access to more academic options, up-to-date transfer information, and guided pathways to ensure they stay on track and graduate on time.

Today’s students struggle to graduate on time, access the courses they need, and navigate the transfer process. More than 30% of all college students transfer at least once during their academic career, yet students who transfer lose, on average, 43% of their credits. And colleges and universities are faced with institutional pain points that impact on-time graduation. According to Parchment’s research, the top two factors that increase the institutional cost and speed of credit transfer evaluation are transcript processing and articulating courses for transfer.

To reduce the friction that impacts student persistence, Quottly’s platform enables institutions to efficiently share courses and programs, manage transfer equivalencies, and provide student pathways, so students can find the courses they need and ensure they will count towards their degree or credential. Students will be able to mitigate credit loss, graduate on time, and complete their degree with less financial burden. By creating a more navigable pathway to degree and credential attainment, Quottly’s platform allows institutions to improve student outcomes and operational efficiencies. Not to mention, credit transfer is the most common reason college students use Parchment to request their transcripts.

Quottly provides a platform that helps higher education systems, consortia, and institutions work together to expand academic opportunities, create new pathways to completion, solve transfer challenges, and drive efficiency. Designed to improve student success, Quottly’s platform is used by more than 220 colleges and universities – including Montana University System, California Virtual Campus, United Negro College Fund, Idaho State Board of Education and University System of Maryland – that serve more than 2.9 million students.

“By overlaying Quottly’s course and credit solutions on Parchment’s transcript exchange network, we are able to innovate and address a critical challenge for institutions and learners alike”, said Matthew Pittinsky, Ph.D., CEO at Parchment. “Now we can not only provide the seamless exchange of credentials, but ensure those credentials translate into credit that drives student success by reducing barriers to entry and cost and accelerate time to completion.”

“Quottly was founded to overcome roadblocks to student progress and completion,” said Alicia Policinski, CEO & Co-Founder at Quottly. “We are thrilled to become part of the Parchment family so that we can continue to provide greater equity and access for all students, and ensure long-term success for colleges and universities facing monumental challenges.”

Source: PR Newswire