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Turnitin named to GSV EdTech 150 most transformational companies in digital learning

For the second year in a row, GSV Ventures named Turnitin to the GSV EdTech 150 global list of 150 most transformative companies in digital learning. Turnitin was selected from over 3,000 companies for helping make education accessible, especially during a pandemic.

The 2022 GSV EdTech 150 celebrates companies from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, New Zealand, and North America in three categories: Life-Long Learning, Higher Education, and K-12. GSV recognizes Turnitin for its product line that alleviates capacity challenges in both K-12 and Higher Education.

For example, popular in K-12, students use Turnitin Draft Coach to pre-check their writing for citation, grammar, and text-originality before submission. “Draft Coach is truly a coach. Not only does Draft Coach flag something, it helps students understand what’s wrong so they can make changes by themselves….Draft Coach is also a great tool for educators to give formative feedback,” says Beth Revor, high school library information specialist. “With distance learning challenging enough as is, our students really appreciate how Draft Coach has allowed them to go to just one place to receive feedback, make edits and submit their best work,” says middle school English educator Douglas Lambe. “Draft Coach has saved me so much time. I’ve recommended it to many of my colleagues.”

University educators turn to Gradescope by Turnitin to easily build, administer, organize, grade, and report on assessments and assignments for all class sizes—while preserving or improving course quality. Favored for its adaptability, Gradescope works in any course modality—in-person, remote, and hybrid and digitizes paper-based work, allowing classrooms with limited technology to access benefits similar to technologically advanced classrooms, such as streamlined content management and learning insights. “I once had an exam problem that probably would have taken an hour to grade by hand, but with the grouping, it only took me 10 minutes,” highlights Ashley Berger, University of Oklahoma Math Center Associate Director. “Assessments can take many forms. They can be a quick test that’s timed and you’ve only got half an hour to do it, and they can be long and researched and take you several days. All that’s possible with Gradescope,” says Dr. Alison Voice, Senior Lecturer in Physics at University of Leeds.

With the pressures from in-person, remote, and hybrid shifts and rapidly increasing class sizes, both educators and students turn to Turnitin for learning stability and capacity building. Providing solutions to 16,000 institutions across 140 countries, Turnitin supports more than 40 million students. 

“As the pandemic continues to drive learners online, more and more companies are innovating in the digital learning space—making it increasingly competitive for companies to make the top 150,” said Luben Pampoulov, Partner at GSV Ventures. “We evaluated over 3,000 companies globally this year. The way GSV sees it, Ed is on The Edge, and increasingly more companies have the ideas, know-how, and talent to transform the world and provide all people equal access to the future. We know these companies are well-equipped to help us achieve that goal, and we look forward to watching them do so.”

“Turnitin is honored to be recognized again by GSV as a top company in advancing and increasing access to education,” said Turnitin CEO Chris Caren. “Turnitin was founded on a mission to create and improve spaces for authentic learning. To realize this outcome, we must first ensure that all learners have access to quality education and inclusive support systems. Designing accessibility and inclusivity into learning tools is a critical step towards equity in education.”

Source: Turnitin press release