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Realizeit Releases Intelligent Ingestion Migration Toolkit

Realizeit, the provider of the first-of-its-kind AI-powered adaptive platform that personalizes learning for performance, announced the release of its “Intelligent Ingestion” migration toolkit built to accelerate the creation of personalized adaptive learning experiences for employees. The Realizeit Intelligent Ingestion toolkit simplifies the migration of all existing training content into an adaptive-ready format to enable both individualized learning experiences and deep learning analytics.

The toolkit works with existing learning modules and other sources of knowledge in virtually any format including SCORM-compliant packages, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents, and converts content to an adaptive knowledge source, effecting such migrations to hours instead of days or weeks. This allows L&D professionals to convert legacy material into adaptive learning modules that can drive personalized learning experiences. Examples of content include product marketing materials, presentations, and existing training content. In addition, the intelligent software will automatically detect where similar content already exists and minimize duplication with a guided interactive process.

“Personalized learning is the key enabling strategy for L&D teams to engage today’s learners, align with corporate strategy, and drive performance,” said Manoj Kulkarni, CEO of Realizeit. “We continue to enable personalized learning at scale with our AI-powered adaptive learning system that integrates to existing learning ecosystems. With our Intelligent Ingestion capability, we are making it even easier to migrate and transform legacy content to become knowledge that powers personal learning journeys. This latest of our capabilities is an example of how we continue to leverage intelligence to make it easy for L&D professionals to develop and leverage AI-powered learning solutions.”

Source: Businesswire