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ASCD Unveils Witsby, Its Next-Generation, Mobile Optimized Professional Learning Platform

On-demand professional learning platform provides teachers with just-in-time support, and helps school leaders recruit, retain and develop educators.

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ASCD has announced by press release the release of Witsby™, a new professional learning and credentialing platform featuring ASCD’s trusted research-based content. Designed for digital, the next-generation professional learning platform features thousands of bite-sized learning objects, courses and on-demand content from ASCD authors and experts to support the ongoing development and growth of teachers. Backed by powerful analytics, multi-layered reporting tools and authoring capabilities, Witsby gives school leaders the ability to blend their own professional development assets with ASCD professional learning content.

“We’re excited to give educators what they have been asking for – a professional development tool that meets the needs of today’s teacher. Created with input from instructional leaders, coaches, teachers and administrators, Witsby is the first on-demand, mobile-optimized platform that empowers district leaders to build meaningful learning journeys for teachers,” said Penny Reinart, ASCD Deputy Executive Director. “Our goal is that Witsby will become THE solution for districts to attract, retain and support teachers throughout their career.”

Witsby is designed to create tailored, personalized professional learning paths to help educators stay on track–and on pace–to meet their evolving needs and goals. 

Witsby provides: 

  • A library of thousands of learning activities on popular, relevant and timely topics, including videos, courses, and articles; plus the ability for schools and districts to integrate their own professional development content into the platform. 
  • Powerful analytics and multi-layered reporting tools to monitor district/school usage, track teachers’ needs and interests, and measure effectiveness and impact. 
  • An authoring tool that allows administrators to build courses and a playlist building tool to align learning journeys with goals. 
  • time tracker to offer credit to teachers who invest in their own learning outside formal learning days. 
  • recommendation engine that supports continued learning. 
  • Tracked and documented credentialing capabilities.

Witsby helps school leaders address some of the current and immediate needs, launched with topical content on essential areas including Fostering Teacher Bandwidth by Jane Kise and Ann Holm, Intentional and Targeted Teaching by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, and Teaching Students Living in Poverty by William Parrett and Kathleen Budge. Content will continuously be added from some of the leading minds in education and instruction, including Baruti Kafele, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Jay McTighe, and many others.

“When I previously served as a principal, I was able to see first-hand the challenges that we faced with the changing needs of students and the limitations of traditional PD. Witsby was exactly what we needed then – and educators need even more today,” said Robert Letcher, ASCD’s Managing Director of Digital and Learning Products. “Witsby brings the scientific rigor of research-based training to a bite-sized, on-demand format. It’s what we affectionately call ‘PD in your pocket.’”

“Over the coming year, Witsby will expand its AI capabilities to bring greater personalization to the learning, as well as expand critical content areas,” added Letcher. “Witsby is built to become the go-to professional learning resource to build capacity for educators to respond to the ever-evolving education landscape.”

Witsby is now available for immediate district adoption. Administrators interested in learning more about Witsby can register for a Witsby Webinar session or go to

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